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A Sicilian poet describes his homeland:

"When God had finished creating everything, the heaven, earth, birds, fish, trees, man, woman, breathed on it and it started to breathe independently. Then he looked at it and saw that all created was well done, then took the floor on his hands and kissed it. Where God rested his lips, in Sicily was born."

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"The Tiger and the Dragon" vacation rental apartment

Born on a strip of land that stretches into the sea as to want to reunite with his seven sisters.
With a view to the east face, thanking the rising sun and a west collecting the remains of the day.
Surrounded by the colors of spices and scents of incense and of myrrh, cardamom, from the Arabic and Spanish cultures that still dominate in this area and oversee the city of Milazzo on the castle which has hosted five hundred by friends and foes testimony to the greatness of the Sicilian people.
A nation steeped in Greek culture, Arabic, Spanish, and not least the far eastern culture.

"The tiger and the dragon" is situated in an area called "Vaccarella" in which people entrust their hopes to the sea and fishing, holding a pact with a god in exchange for the respect due to the sea.

"The tiger and the dragon" takes advantage of all this tradition, which combined with the perseverance and the thought of Eastern monks allow you to enjoy your holidays in a dream, in a dimension where time and space vanish in the sky by thousands Nights.

"The tiger and the dragon" has a double bedroom with third bed and a living room with a sofa bed plus en extra bed. With all the comforts gives the guests a feeling of well-being.

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